We’ve set the firm goal to search for generous supporters for an NGO working with disabled young people, offering for them the chance to feel useful, to see the results of their own work, thus developing their self esteem. The NGO also opened a residential home for 10 disabled young people in the village of Nagyernye, Romania.

Which organization are we talking about? The name couldn’t be more expressive: Clever Hands Foundation. Their work is based on occupational therapy (handicrafts: making postcards, collage, macrame, etc.), but they also do physiotherapy and aim to develop practical skills (creativity, learning, verbal, manual, psycho-sensorial, logical, social skills, and skills needed in everyday life).

Financial support is crucial for them, that’s why we thought, that on our honeymoon we could ride our bikes for a good cause. By doing this, we would not only demonstrate what a huge impact biking can have on a person, how it encourages healthy lifestyle , but also could transform our kilometers in financial support.

Our goal is to collect 3 Euro/Km, all together 30.000 Euro.

What do we do for this?

  1. We ride our bikes. In South-America. Against the wind, down the wind, in burning sunshine, in rain, drinking coconut milk, climbing up high, among monkeys, in the desert.

  2. We share our experience with you, so that you stay informed.

  3. We strongly BELIVE, that there are still warmhearted people out there, who are dedicated to such good causes.

What can you do about it?

If you feel like this is your cause, you can decide for yourself, how many kilometers would you like to take over (3 Euro/Km), to ride with us in your thoughts. You can transfer the amount to the following bank account. As thank you present you’ll receive stories on our blog with lots of photos, the Clever Hands will send a postcard for your birthday. And who knows, what other surprises do they prepare?

What can be covered by the amount you sponsor?

1 km is enough to buy a new book on development.

2 km are enough to buy 2 new colored card boards used for producing the post cards.

3 km are enough to celebrate the birthday of a disabled young person with a cake.

4 km are enough to finance one day summer camp for a disabled young person.

5 km are enough to move bigger mountains, if needed…

And believe us, it is needed.

Fundatia Maini Dibace

str. Oituzului nr 13.

540023 Targu-Mures,

Romania e-mail:mainidibace@yahoo.com


RON CONT CURENT: RO98 BTRL 0270 1205 U490 78XX

EUR: RO73 BTRL 0270 4205 U490 78XX